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Jeanette Roy

"Going back to school was a great idea. I got to meet other people and do things with them to earn money for the school trip and going out for meals. I am also trying to get my education. It is so nice to be included in things to help. I enjoy going to school and I am doing my best to try to learn more than I know. I am trying to learn more about math were that is my hardest subject to do. I don’t really like doing projects because I don’t like to talk in front of anyone because I get so nervous and scared."

"My teacher Liz is so nice I really like her a lot and I like John and Marlene they are nice. Rita helps me if I get into a jam if Liz is busy doing something else. You don’t have to work hard you can take a break and have a tea or coffee you can go to the bathroom with out putting your hand up. I am very happy that Rita talked me into going up to the school. If I would have known it was that much fun I would have gone sooner. But I was scared to go because I did not know if I would get made fun of or talked about. So far everyone is getting along. I hate for the weekends to come because it is so boring."

- Jeanette Roy - September 18, 2009


Rita Whynot

"Decisions are a part of our everyday lives. Some people make good and some people make bad decisions. They are a part of our lives we have to deal with on a daily bases. Whether we make the right decision is up to us, as an individual. Hoping that every decision we make is a good one."

"My decision that I made two years ago was a good one for me. It has impacted my life in a way I never thought possible. I decided to go back to school. I went to Queens Learning Network in Liverpool. A place I didn’t ever know was there. I had to go for testing to see what level I would start in. There are levels 1-2 and a level 3. I got to go into level 3 when I started. I wanted to go back to school to see if I could get my grade 12 or GED."

"The day I started was very scary for me. I didn’t know anybody or thought I didn’t, but to my surprise I did know a couple of the students. That made it better for me to get settled in and get started on my journey to what I wanted to accomplish."

"Sitting at my desk looking through the math book really put a scare into me. It was making me think twice about coming and about staying. Thinking to myself “What did I get myself into here?” Would I be able to do this or would I just have to quit. I stuck it out and in a little while the math was still challenging but I was getting it with the help of the instructors and some of the students. The other subjects were not that bad either. I surprised myself by doing good and getting done what I had to get done."

"In December of 2008 I went and wrote my GED. I passed four subjects and didn’t pass my math. It was frustrating to know that I missed my math by a few points. In May of 2009 I rewrote my math. To my surprise this time I passed it, which was a major accomplishment in my life. I was very happy and on cloud 9 for a long time knowing that I had accomplished what I had set out to do."

"I couldn’t have done it without the help of the wonderful instructors and students. They would always give me a hand when ever I needed it."

"The Queens Learning Network is the place to go to learn. The atmosphere there you can truly relaxed and you can enjoy what you are about to conquer."

"I have gone back to the Network this year to help tutor the level 1-2. Trying to give back some of the knowledge that I have learned there. I am also looking into taking a PC repair course on line. So I will be busy."

"Today I can do a lot more than when I first started the Network. The Queens Learning Network has boosted my self-confidence greatly. I would strongly recommend The Learning Network to anyone that is looking to go back to school. It is the best place to relax and work at your own pace. You can be comfortable with the instructors as well as the students."

- Rita Whynot - September 2009

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